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About Us - We Create Smart, Ongoing PR Campaigns

You only have one chance to make a good first impression. We strive to help our clients make it a good one. At the same time we help clients build lasting relationships with the media. We work with clients to create smart, proactive, ongoing PR campaigns that:

Generate positive press coverage
Build perception of industry leadership
Generate sales leads
Attract investors
Build overall visibility

RightmarkOur Approach to Media Relations

Moody and Associates develops courteous, professional effective media relations campaigns.
We work to make the media’s job easier, which usually results in better coverage:

Their readers want good stories. We give them good stories.
They have rules of engagement. We listen, learn and respect them.
They’re time-constrained. We give them straight scoop.
And our clients’ media rooms are well-stocked and easily-navigable.

If you want to influence what people think about you, you must work with the media - on their terms. This includes traditional influencers - reporters and analysts - and new influencers - bloggers, podcasters, etc.

Consumer journalists also have a voice to share. Make people happy and they'll become your evangelists. Word of (WOM) marketing is all about community, conversation and collaboration.

We help clients work with the media and consumer journalists to maximize the impact of their press coverage.

About us right iconCompelling Communications
Compelling communications start with a clear understanding of the market situation, competitive positioning, target audiences and salient benefits of each product or service. Sounds like marketing 101, but without this discipline, communications can miss their mark.

We work with each client to understand their business, then we:
Recommend how to use media relations to help reach their goals.
Crystallize complex stories into crisp messages and communications.
About us right iconWritten Examples

RightmarkReady to Establish a Relationship with Us?

When it comes to formalities, we’re pretty informal. It’s our goal to develop mutually-beneficial, long-term relationships.

1 No minimum retainers. Instead, we ask that clients pay for our efforts on their behalf, which can scale up or down as needs and objectives change over time.
We work with clients to establish a monthly “budget ceiling” that correlates to the activity level needed to achieve objectives. If the workload is less, we bill less.
3 If more effort is needed to achieve objectives, we’ll scale it higher with our client’s permission.
4 We back each monthly invoice with a written activity report.
5 We do not mark up out-of-pocket expenses. These are passed onto clients at cost.
Regardless of size, all our clients receive our attention, our honesty, creativity, insight, responsiveness, and extreme value for their public relations dollar.
Big Surprises Come in Small Packages

We are a small firm that gets results. Drawing from extensive marketing backgrounds, principals Bill and Michelle Moody have 45 years of combined experience promoting products and services.

About Michelle About Michelle

Michelle Moody has more than two decades of experience in consumer and business-to-business public relations (PR) and marketing communications (Marcom) campaigns worldwide.

Over her career Moody has conducted local, national and international PR campaigns generating placements in Business Week, The New York Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The Associated Press, San Jose Mercury News, Engadget, Gizmodo, PC Magazine, PC World, WIRED, CNET, eWeek, Information Week, EE Times, Electronic Design, Parents and Working Mother, among others.

Her work has also resulted in briefings with analyst firms such as the Gartner Group, IDC, Creative Strategies, Strategy Analytics, Darnell Group and Jupiter Research.

She founded Moody & Associates in 1997 when a former Cyrix colleague asked her to develop a PR campaign for processor-upgrade-specialist Evergreen Technologies. As principal of the firm, she develops PR strategies and campaigns for clients involved in high-tech, marketing and non-profit businesses.

Previously, as the marketing communications director for BancTec, she selected and trained the company’s first PR firm and managed collateral development, trade shows and the website.

With Cyrix Corporation from 1991 – 1996, Moody played a role in the “PR processor wars,” first as PR manager, then International PR/Marcom manager and then worldwide PR manager. She managed, planned and/or implemented:
· worldwide PR resources, including US and European agencies
· high-impact product launches
· hands-on media relations in Europe, often serving as spokesperson
· press tours
· product review program for processor upgrades & Cyrix-branded PCs

Moody has also worked for expert-system-software-company Syntelligence as Marcom director and for ATM-developer Omron Financial Systems as its manager of advertising and PR.

She began her career in 1985 as an account executive at The Richards Group advertising agency, directing consumer and business-to-business marketing, advertising, media and budget-planning activities for clients in the banking, consumer products, and newspaper industries.

Moody received a bachelor of business administration from Southern Methodist University in Dallas in 1985, graduating cum laude with a concentration in marketing and a minor in English.

Moody has served as the public relations chair for Tablescapes, the annual fundraiser of the non-profit Kappa Kappa Gamma Dallas alumnae association.


About Bill About Bill

Bill Moody has more than three decades of experience in public relations, marketing, sales operations and business strategy. His background working for sales organizations in technology companies gives Moody a bottom-line orientation and the ability to understand the big picture.

Moody joined his wife Michelle at Moody & Associates in 2002 where he manages national media relations and product review programs for clients. He has conducted product launches and visibility maintenance campaigns, generating placements in Business Week, The New York Times, Parade, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, Parents, and major technology trade publications, online media and blog sites.

Previously, he spent twelve years in the software industry in various headquarter positions at Legato, Qualix, Candle and Legent where he motivated and supported salespeople and sales managers. He revamped, developed and maintained sales compensation programs, streamlined forecasting systems, managed telesales (inside sales), developed worldwide sales budgets, and organized and managed sales 100% Presidents’ Clubs.

Moody also spent seventeen years in the early-stage Automated Teller Machine (ATM) industry. He served as the vice president of operations for Omron Financial Systems. Working with Docutel Corporation for thirteen years, Moody progressed from a system engineer to regional systems manager, project manager, director of marketing services and director of corporate planning. As director of marketing services he managed contract administration, hardware and software scheduling, advertising, sales development and product marketing.

Moody received a bachelor of science in industrial administration from Iowa State University along with a minor in industrial engineering. He has also coached local youth basketball and volleyball and enjoys reading.