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PR success stories

LapWorks - Client since 2002
“Moody & Associates has generated great press coverage consistently since 2002. They’re efficient with my budget and provide exceptional strategic counsel. Their style of product PR has helped us increase sales very cost-effectively.” -- Jose Calero, president of LapWorks, Inc.

In 2002, LapWorks needed a product PR campaign to create demand for its newly-launched laptop desk business.

Since then, Moody & Associates has:
Launched 10 products to much fanfare
Developed trend stories
Built LapWorks' reputation as a credible source for explaining the ergonomically- correct method to use a laptop computer
Nurtured lasting relationships between LapWorks and numerous media contacts

Hightlights of ongoing, multi-year PR campaign:

Chicago Tribune CNET News LAPTOP Magazine
Dallas Morning News Digital Trends Mac / Life (formerly MacAddict)
News Services: The-gadgeteer Network World
    Gannett The Inquirer PC Magazine
  Knight Ridder ZDNet PC World
  Scripps Howard
Lockergnome Computer Shopper
Universal Press
Houston Chronicle Mac News Network
New York Times MacWorld Maxim
San Jose Mercury News Powerbookcentral Chris Pirillo Show Small Business Computing Computer America Show ArsTechnica ABC, NBC Computer Shows
Boing Boing Gearlog (PC Mag's Blog) Occupational Health & Safety
Engadget Jason O'Grady's PowerPage OfficePRO
Gizmodo Ubergizmo Chiropractic Products
CrunchGear ComputorEDGE Federal Computer Week
CNET Computerworld    
More success stories are in the works. Please come back and check them out.