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UpBeat Audio

"Moody & Associates orchestrated one of the best product launches I’ve seen.  We received articles on our Boostaroo Revolution portable amplifier from a variety of technology reviewers, held conference meetings, and are still receiving press coverage years later. Fantastic PR results!"
-- Linda Langs, president of UpBeat Audio

Background :

We launched their Boostaroo Revolution 3-D surround-sound-imaging amplifier for iPods/MP3 players, achieving widespread press coverage including 60+ product reviews and news stories.

Hightlights of PR Campaign:

New York Times Yahoo! News ComputorEDGE
Chicago Tribune Maximum PC Ubergizmo
Parade Magazine CNET News News Services:
Penthouse Magazine Smartphone     Gannett
  UP Syndicate
PC Magazine MacDirectory Philadelphia Inquirer
iLounge Mac News Network Delta Sky Magazine
Engadget CrunchGear
Gizmodo ArsTechnica Home Theater
More success stories are in the works. Please come back and check them out.